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Increase on commission level from a very industry standard 50% to a ball busting 70%. To stand out in the modern adult market our dated 50% we felt was not rewarding the hard working traffic providers. With many adult businesses claiming it’s getting harder to get paying members it is our opinion to give credit or in this case CASH where CASH is due. Signup and Enjoy >>>

70% Is one drop dead sexy commission giving credit where it is due. We have increased our commission level and it’s not going back down. Signup and enjoy not only high converting websites but a high commission level, this could be the next best thing from owning the sites themselves. Recurring revenue at 65% a simple matter of send the traffic and get the cash.

The biggest money making tool is a high converting website. Our sites convert your traffic but how to feed us that lovely cash rich, Kleenexes purchasing web surfer looking for their high quality adult fix. If you have requirements that you feel we can aid you with pulling in customers get in contact our team is more than happy to provide content samples, pics & clips.

Marketing tools:
Links, Hosted Galleries
Hosted Movies
Zipped samples
Rotating banners
free content .zip's,

To find these for each site click our site list and below each site listing is a popup window with a selection of our latest tools.

65% webmaster payouts

Of first payments and recurring members payments. Make a killing and jump on board with XCC and our exciting percentage recently increased and no going back!!!

10% Webmaster Referral

Coming Soon... Send other webmasters to our program not just because of the juicy 5% but for the proven results. That’s right a massive 75% ongoing revenue.

Best conversion and retention ratio a site run by the model herself giving a very personal approach. The fans appreciate this with long term recurring payments. Jenna is a very sexy young porn starlet who webcams as well as creates her own videos for members who pay over a long period. She spends time chatting with her members online & this bubbly highly flirtatious minx is well worth sending some traffic towards.
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